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Sep 19

Dynamically update parity bit during serial communication in C#

Today boss asked me to implement a serial com port simulator. I used MSCommLib COM library in C# to develop this simulator. The serial protocol I am working on is a bit strange: The message synchronization is achieved via a technique utilizing the parity bit of serially of transmitted data. The parity bit sent with …

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Aug 30

Edit password protected MS Word document

Save as html

Some Microsoft Word document has editing restrictions, which is protected by password. If you want to edit the content of the document, you need the password. What you need to do is to save the document as html format   Open html by using Notepad and delete the password inside of <w:UnprotectPassword> section. Re-open the …

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Aug 09

Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) in C#

Microsoft .Net Framework is so powerful, and it provides so many common libraries to use. However, recently I am working on a legacy project to work out CRC32, and I can find no where. OK, I have to DIY. If you need it by chance, here are the source code. /// /// Calculates a 32bit …

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Jul 08

Domino’s Pizza $5.95 mobile ordering site exploit


Domino’s Pizza has new mobile ordering site, and any value or traditional pizza only $5.95 each pick up. This deal is for mobile user only. It will re-direct non-mobile user to normal online ordering site, and the price jumps up to $7.95. From technical perceptive, how does Domino’s server determine a mobile user? Normally a …

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Jun 16

Zipping the download files on the fly ASP.Net (real-time zip and download file from server)

I am currently working on an ASP.Net web project, which allows client to download a well structured submission package. Due to security reason, web server can not create folder and write file on client side. Web server can generate a well structured zipped file and push to the client. There could be two ways to …

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Jun 01

CeBIT Australia at Sydney Darling Harbour


CeBIT is the world’s largest and most international computer expo, and is a traditional computer show held every year. As it grows quickly, CeBIT Australia becomes bigger and bigger. Lots of IT equipment suppliers join this trade show, eg DELL, Samsung, Hitachi, D-Link, etc. This year, CeBIT 2011 starts yesterday and is held for 3 …

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May 13

Unlock Huawei E585 WCDMA 3G modem


My colleague brought two PocketWifi 3G Modems to my desk and asked me to see if possible to unlock them. I found out that they are actually E585 WCDMA 3G Modem OEM by Huawei. It will normally cost you $25 each to unlock if you ring up the customer service. After few hours attempting, I …

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May 11

A funny joke application makes your window dance

These days I am so busy with work, and haven’t got time to write anything. This is a funny joke application I wrote long time back. It will make your front window dance. If you press any key, this application will exit. You can download here This is the code, in case if you want …

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May 04

Install APK into new HTC smart phone


Today, my colleague asked me how to install downloaded *.apk into his new HTC phone. As HTC doesn’t come with file manager, you have to enable USB debug mode. Here are the steps to install Enable HTC USB Debug mode Download Android Windows Driver and Android SDK Follow the instruction and install Android SDK Connect …

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Apr 28

Web (HTTP) based remote PC monitor


VNC and Microsoft RemoteDesktop both provide remote control software which lets you see and interact with desktop applications across any network, however either software requires to install a client application on control side. Here I have developed a small tool, WebPCMonitor. It will allow you to see and interact with your own PC desktop through …

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