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Install APK into new HTC smart phone

Today, my colleague asked me how to install downloaded *.apk into his new HTC phone. As HTC doesn’t come with file manager, you have to enable USB debug mode. Here are the steps to install

  • Enable HTC USB Debug mode

  • You will see the application is in your Android smart phone

Android on my SuperPad

Recently, I bought a SuperPad from eBay for my kid learning, which is running Google Android 2.1.

It’s pretty cool because I can develop my own educational application for my kid.  As I haven’t been playing Java for a long time, I have to refresh my memory, and it will slow down the process a little bit.

Download Eclipse IDE, Android simulator, setup development environment… Finally I have my HelloWorld running!!!!!! It’s so excited to see these two words appearing in my new SuperPad screen.

After few days’ trial, I have two applications ready for my kid Kids Draw and Spot the Difference.