Woolworth Everyday Reward promotion activation link

If  you have registered Woolworth Everyday Rewards Card, sometimes it will send you their weekly promotion email. If you active the offer, it will credit you either fuel saving offer or Qantas bonus points when your shopping spend is over certain amount.

My friend is always receiving such email but I didn’t. Are they randomly picking up some valued customer or targeting someone? I don’t know, but I just want to be treated fairly same as others. Let’s make my own promotion offer.

Here is a example of activation link in their recent promotion email:


  • The first 23625 is event ID, and it increment for each promotion event by one.
  • yourname@hotmail.com is your registered email address
  • 9344435941223 is your Everyday Reward Card number

If you can replace the above parameters with your own one, and copy&paste into your web browser, you also can enjoy Woolworth’s promotion.

I also wrote a small tool and you can download here. Please ensure .Net Framework is installed on your computer.

Unlock Huawei E585 WCDMA 3G modem

My colleague brought two PocketWifi 3G Modems to my desk and asked me to see if possible to unlock them. I found out that they are actually E585 WCDMA 3G Modem OEM by Huawei. It will normally cost you $25 each to unlock if you ring up the customer service.

After few hours attempting, I finally found a way to unlock them for free without any cost. If you like DIY, here are the outlines to share.

Preparation: a USB Cable, locked SIM card, and internet access

  • Connect 3G Modem to PC with USB Cable and install windows modem driver (ensure not WIFI connection)
  • Download RevSkills from http://psas.revskills.de/?q=node/6 and install on your computer
  • Run RevSkill from your desktop and select “QC+AT-Cmd”

  • Select correct 3G modem COM port from the list and Baud Rate

  • Go to DIAG tab, and click “Send”, if success, you will see your 3G Modem Version information comes out

  • Select “Save NVItems to file” and click “Lets go”. It will pop a window to ask you where to save the NVItems

  • Use Notepad to open the saved file and search “PST”. The number behind “PST” is the unlock code. After you enter this unlock code, your device is free to use any WCDMA 3G network.



A funny joke application makes your window dance

These days I am so busy with work, and haven’t got time to write anything.

This is a funny joke application I wrote long time back. It will make your front window dance. If you press any key, this application will exit.

You can download here
This is the code, in case if you want to make your own.

#include "stdafx.h"
#include "math.h"
#include "windows.h"
#include "time.h"
#include "conio.h"

int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
	RECT rect;
	int offset;
		HWND hWnd = GetForegroundWindow();
		offset = sin((float)rand())*10;
		rect.left += offset;
		rect.bottom += offset;
		rect.right += offset;
		rect.top += offset;
	return 0;

Install APK into new HTC smart phone

Today, my colleague asked me how to install downloaded *.apk into his new HTC phone. As HTC doesn’t come with file manager, you have to enable USB debug mode. Here are the steps to install

  • Enable HTC USB Debug mode

  • You will see the application is in your Android smart phone

Day trip – the Circular Quay

After few rainy weeks, finally we have a sunny day today. Like a imprisoned bird, we can go out and enjoy the sunshine.  The Sydney ferry took us to the Circular Quay. We saw some lots of people were dancing there and they told us today is May Day. May Day is England traditional day of festivities throughout the centuries. They were dancing to celebrate harvest festival and waked up the Sun.

Then we followed Pitt street and saw this stunning red Ferrari parked at curbside.