2015 Go Ski!!!!!!

Last two days, we went to Perisher and had a fun ski weekend.

This is my achievement, 3106 vertical meters in 1.5 day, 23 lift rides.nick

This is my ski boots


Mt PerisherIMG_20150705_102458166IMG_20150705_103032436IMG_20150705_103037874

Top of the Mt PerisherIMG_20150705_103911844

Perisher trail mapPerisherTrailMap

Who is coming 2015 BWF Australian Badminton Super Series?


According to ABO official web site, and their face book

男单:谌龙 林丹 王睁茗 田厚威 薛松
女单:李雪芮 王适娴 王仪涵 孙瑜 姚雪(Q)
男双:柴飚/洪炜 刘小龙/邱子瀚 傅海峰/张楠 康骏/蔡赟(Q) 鲁恺/刘成(Q)
女双:马晋/唐渊渟 田卿/汤金华 赵芸蕾/王晓理(R)
混双:徐晨/马晋 刘成/包宜鑫 鲁恺/黄雅琼

Let’s go skiing this snow season!

Last weekend, we drove almost 500km from Sydney to Thredbo.

Sydney to Snowy Montain
Sydney to Snowy Montain

Friday night, it was freezing and the temperature drops to -5°. We left few bottles outside. Saturday morning, they all iced up. Saturday was sunny but cold. The cold weather still can not stop our passion.

From top of the mountain

Ski is fun but dangerous. I saw at least two people was sent to the hospital by ambulance. My ski pole was also broken.

Day trip – the Circular Quay

After few rainy weeks, finally we have a sunny day today. Like a imprisoned bird, we can go out and enjoy the sunshine.  The Sydney ferry took us to the Circular Quay. We saw some lots of people were dancing there and they told us today is May Day. May Day is England traditional day of festivities throughout the centuries. They were dancing to celebrate harvest festival and waked up the Sun.

Then we followed Pitt street and saw this stunning red Ferrari parked at curbside.